How long have you been making - did you go to school?

The window opened in 2005, I was gifted a evening class - Introduction to jewelry making. Years later I very persistently inquired about lessons from local Metalsmith Katie Cleaver. A couple years later I was moving back to the area and reached out again, she said yes, but I would have to get some tools and space to work first, so that the teachings would be applied simultaneously. 

Katie was very generous to spend time with me Friday evenings when it worked out. We shared our creations with each other and she gave me feedback, helped me with problem solving and showed me some tricks of the trade. I had accumulated a strong base set of skills, but was hungry for the next level. 2013 I drove cross country to attend Revere Academy for Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, CA.  In 2016 I moved back to my home town in VT to fully commit to being an artist. I had been given the opportunity to keep Saturday hrs at Katie's shop in exchange for the opportunity to show and sell my work, take on custom orders/repairs as I see fit, as well as tapping into the 41 years of experience and master skills Katie possesses.

My education continues, I will forever be learning and growing

Do you do custom work?

On occasion, yes!

Where can I buy your work?

Currently my work is in Katie Cleavers shop on Main Street in Bennington, VT. I share pieces on Instagram, which has prompted some sales. I am working on building more of a customer base online, which takes a backseat to actually making work right now. 

Feel free to contact me with inquiries

Please feel free to contact me with questions @