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Why I became a Metalsmith

Metal is an intriguing medium with a rich history. Working with it I have found diversity, it fulfills my desire to make useable objects, I am fascinated by the possibilities achieved with metal. It feels intense, it is grounding, it is durable and elegant, it is very challenging, it teaches me to be fluid, open to the unexpected and to embrace a bit of struggle. The years ahead will not be shy of growth, problem solving, experimenting, ingenuity, stamina and commitment. 

I must be creating and making with my hands. Objects aid in the act of adding an exclamation to moments in our lives no matter the magnitude. Objects of adornment, made with with love, feel good! They quickly become a piece of comfort to take with you. I feel joy making each individual piece, which is shared with the new owner who feels joy, and finally the joy felt by the that person is without a doubt going to be infectious! Sharing and spreading Joy feels like a great contribution to society.

What inspires me

The material, the process, functionality, form, the Universe & simple beauty

Grounding principles in my work

Working with metal forces me to be less attached, more fluid & to maintain a constant flow of growth.

Selling my art has forced me to quiet the super ego and carry on, which is making me a better human. 

Form and Function are basic principles, by adding my person to the process there is much to be explored and learned.

Handmade Quality

Quality is important. A quality that represents a culmination of century old techniques and craftsmanship made to withstand the test of time. All of my pieces are handmade. Which means there are slight variations from piece to piece and evidence of the hand at work.

"I don't believe that more stuff can make you happier, but the right stuff certainly can" - unknown source

Thank you for your interest in my work and feel free to contact me with any questions.